There are those homes that call for a unique decor, and the knowledge of what works in a particular space, as well as where to find it, is this company's specialty.  Think posh, chic, and elegant, with a myriad of finishes and textures to complement these sophisticated furnishings.  

The design ethic for Feiner Finds is immersed, if you will, in color.  The love of how color can be summoned to make a room pop, informs the direction that the interior designer takes in creating a beautiful, polished, welcoming environment.

It's all in the details...

​It really is "all in the details." Accessorizing one's space ties everything together, rendering it a chic, cohesive environment.  Those finishing touches are indeed the exclamation point at the end of one's "design statement."  



​​Feiner Finds





The key to a successful decorating project is the ability to follow it through from inception: the initial consultation and planning, through the product sourcing, purchasing, and finally on to the decor placement.