​​Feiner Finds


Feiner Finds offers a wide array of services, billed at an hourly rate.  Please inquire about the introductory consultation fee discount.  This is just a sampling of the services we provide:

  • Consultation:  A design expert will come to your home and evaluate your space. 
  • Planning:  Feiner Finds will help you determine exactly what you need for the space(s) you wish to design.  
  • Services and Product Sourcing: Not sure where to begin?  Feiner Finds will help you coordinate with independent contractors, find services, and the best products to fit your design needs.  
  • Shopping:  Our design experts will either accompany you or independently shop on your behalf, always with your best interests in mind.
  • Furnishings/accessory placement:  Feiner Finds will help you maximize your space, with an eye towards how to best position your furniture and accessories.
  • Rearrangement (existing decor):  Just want to redecorate what you already have?  Just a few small switches and your design can look brand new!
  • Home Staging:  Whether you're selling your home, or just having friends for dinner, Feiner Finds will help you present your living space in the best possible way.